"A portrait of the sleep deprived"

Here is where I should tell you how great I am, how I know all the things that you need me to know and I can perform any task you set me.

I'm neither arrogant enough nor conscientious enough to claim such things (although you will find out in two paragraphs that I am contradictory enough to go ahead and do it anyway). Instead, I will explain that I have spent my life so far gaining an understanding of a broad range of subjects.

My abilities are, perhaps, suited to an environment outside of our specialised society and I hope to cultivate whatever that is eventually, in some way, but that is a story for another day...

I am familiar with the Adobe suite, though I wouldn't call myself an artist. I've gained over a decade of experience in music production and several years of mastering experience in addition to a broader understanding of audio editing and sound engineering, but I'm not a producer. I can copyright and develop branding, mission statements etc. ... but I'm not a writer or marketer.

Jack of all trades, master of f#(!^||$-/.-. --- ... . -... ..- -..